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TIE PERFECT KNOTS..... CATCH MORE FISH! Don't Ask others to tie your TACKLE! 

★ Now EVERYBODY can learn to tie a professional knot

★ Learn to quickly and easily tie hooks, swivels, jig heads and speed clips for attaching to lures and other Rigs.

★ Eliminate painful injuries when tying chemically sharpened hooks.

COVER your hooks on fishing poles and travel safely fully rigged, eliminate injuries to passengers or pets while travelling.

Hook-Eze is a GREAT tool for people with injuries to hands including arthritis, poor vision, diabetes or loss of dexterity or fine motor skills preventing you from fishing. Rediscover the joy of fishing and the outdoors post injury or disability. 

Hook-Eze helps to teach CHILDREN howto tie a PERFECT professional knot SAFELY which won't slip undone and provides more opportunity to catch a fish. 

★ Create memories with your children, fishing is an ideal way to connect the younger generations to outdoor activities and strengthen bonds between family. 

For EXPERIENCED anglers Hookeze enables you to tie your hooks and tackle FASTER and is great for tying line-to-line when tying on flies, braid-to-leader & FG Knot.  

★ Hook-Eze allows you to tie the Bimini Twist with only two hands, no more feet, knees or teeth needed. By clipping the ring on the belt or jacket loop and using the built in swivel to create the twists, makes tying this knot a breeze

NOW available in 2 sizes - River & Coast suitable for hooks sized from a Standard 4/0 down to the smallest No. 28 The NEW larger Model Reef& Blue Water suits hooks sized from a Standard 1/0 up to a 10/0.

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