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SUPERTHEO Fishing Accessories Kit, Fishing Set with Tackle Box Lanyard

Five reasons you should be fishing the SUPERTHEO tackles...

1. It includes almost the accessories you need to fishing.
2. Portable size for box, fishing backpack and fishing vest's pocket.
3. Useful accessories help keep fishing more efficient.
4. Also a gift for fishing enthusiasts.
5. For most fishing situations.

Package included:
*Total 140PCS fishing swivels connectors
*1 X Plastic Box
*1 X Black Elastic Lanyard

ATTENTION: This set contains small and sharp parts, please be careful during the use and KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN!


1. Fishing Hooks:
#1/0-5pcs, size: 1.5*0.8in
#1-5pcs, size: 1.35*0.8in
#2-5pcs, size: 1.3*0.75in

2. 3-way Fishing Swivels:
#1-5pcs-100lbs, size: 1.1*0.7in
#2-5pcs-90lbs, size: 1.05*0.65in
#3-5pcs-80lbs, size: 1*0.6in

3. Fishing Rolling Swivel with Lock Snap
#1/0-10pcs-93lbs, length: 1.95in
#2-10pcs-73lbs, length: 1.6in
#4-10pcs-42lbs, length: 1.3in

4. Fishing Rolling Barrel Swivels
#1/0-10pcs-104lbs, length: 0.9in
#2-10pcs-88lbs, length: 0.7in
#4-10pcs-70lbs, length: 0.6in

5. Fishing Line Sliders
White-5pcs, size: 1.7*0.6in
Red-5pcs, size: 1.2*0.7in
Yellow-10pcs, size: 1.3*0.3in

6. Sinkers
Gold: 0.2oz-3pcs, 0.07oz-3pcs
Silver: 0.53oz-2pcs, 0.35oz-2pcs

7. Split Rings-10pcs-Dia: 0.4in

8. Luminous Fishing Beads-10pcs-Dia: 0.18in

SUPERTHEO keeps fishing fun!

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