A Quick Guide to Selling Your Car


Selling a car can represent a major financial headache if the task is not undertaken in the appropriate manner.   Not only can the negotiating process be a bit complicated, but you need to know any legal rules and regulations that might be associated with the sale itself. Whether this is your first time placing a vehicle on the open market or you are simply looking to hone your existing skills, the information found within this article will undoubtedly prove to be quite useful.  Let us now break the process down into a handful of discrete steps in order to eliminate any potential confusion.


How to Prepare the Car

Much like when marketing any product, it is important that the vehicle is presented in the best light possible.  Be sure to thoroughly clean its interior and exterior.  Pay particular attention to areas such as the dashboard, the seats, the undercarriage and the headlamps.  Customers tend to examine these locations in greater detail.  Be sure that all fluids are topped up and that you have a full tank of petrol.


Your Advertising Options

Always remember that you have a host of advertising methods to choose from.  While there is nothing wrong with placing an ad in a local paper, be sure to use the power of the Internet to your advantage.  This includes social media pages, local car buying forums and regional commercial websites. This will ensure that you are able to reach as wide of an audience as possible while exerting only a minimal amount of effort. 


How to Deal with Viewings and Test Drives

No one has ever claimed that selling a car is free from stress.  One of the most challenging portions of any sale is dealing with countless customers who wish to view the vehicle and to take it on a test drive.  If you are not careful, you can spend hours at a time dealing with individuals who really have no intention of making a purchase.  Try to weed out those who seem to be "on the fence" or are unwilling to discuss figures prior to a test drive. You could otherwise wast a great deal of time and as a result, a worthwhile buyer may very well pass you by.


Cementing the Sale

Negotiations can be tricky and it is likely that you will encounter hagglers on more than one occasion.  This is why you need to know the fair market value of your car as well as how much you are willing to bend in order to secure a deal.  Always remain firm with the asking price while only entertaining serious offers.  Make sure that you receive conformation of payment in the form of an official receipt.  In the same respect, verify all documentation provided by the seller; you could otherwise find yourself in a dubious position in the event that a complaint is made.  Two forms of identification are essential.  It is best to avoid those who are not willing to provide such details.